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Zeke would be driving up in a few minutes to pick us up and take us to the drive in for burgers.She jammed the jagged piece of metal into the hole and sloppily opened the door.They fucked for hours.“Good point… Maybe a little later.”"Oh, what is it?" she inquired.“And my mother!” I moaned.I could not get her in. And then some punk from Alaska comes saying she is on the list and what do you know!Then I can hear her slurping the woman’s fat cunt again."I'm ready for some sleep.""I am hungry for my feed in bed, mom," he whispered.She looked frantically around looking for something or someone, me to save her.I put my finger over my mouth in a motion to keep him quite.I said ok Mom I didn’t know about any of this or I would not have rented the house so quick, she said don’t tell Greg about this he knows your dad had stuff on him as well and has been trying to get to this.“I didn't type that in.”I guess that it also didn’t hurt that I didn’t have any reservations abo