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Gina, not to be left out said, “Me too.”We need to be vigilant and follow the doctor’s orders until we know what’s the right way to handle this.”You look at my exposed chest and abdomen for a few moments and then greedily move down to suck and lick my nipples.She looked me in the eyes and said yes Daddy I will try to be a good girl for you!“And those same people have, more often than not, put you in your place.”“Wait, what do you do at the garage?” he asked.When I was just about back to normal the masseuse look my blindfold and ear muffs off then gave me a big towel.“Yes!Vicky said with a wide smile.The silky friction increased.I pulled the knot of his lungi which encircled his legs and made him nude.“Did you…?Of course, I had thought this without noticing that Nicole was sitting at her window, having eagerly awaited to see me come home for the last half hour, feeling guilty as hell and wanting nothing more than to see me come home safely.And neither could her s