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Chapter One: Making a Mommy SlutIt wasn't a terrible flavor.She broke eye contact with me, but I brought my fingers to my lips.I couldn’t just stand on the rooftops anymore.I wish you all the luck in the world.”The topless me went over and perched on the edge of the ottoman.I’M GOING TO FILL YOUR WHITE PUSSY WITH MY SEED.Anyway, Memphis is about the same distance from here as it is from where I live.Author’s note; This story is a Romance, and the sex occurs towards the ending.He pulled her to the edge of the table and lifted her legs.My body squirmed.I’m cumming on his cock!!” She groans and moans as her body jerked and exploded Hot XXX Movies on his thrusting cock.I shook my head and looked at him.Eliza shushed her and went back to glaring at the ceiling.Soon the king turned, scornful eyes piercing the servant�Everything was moving too fast for Rebecca.“Sorry, thinking about stuff for next year.”She closed her eyes and felt her body shudder at the merciless hands of her climax, her p

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Ealaín. She was here because of me, sent by my Goddess to watch over me.They're all hard, and they've been watching you and me make out for ten minutes, and none of them has so much has touched his cock yet.""Melissa, I'm coming!" she cried.The heels of her feet began pounding Tom 's back as her fingernails dug into his shoulders.Congratulations, High Guard.”“I’m Bob, well Robert but everyone calls me Bob,” he said then added, “I play football, I’m a quarterback.”Shanene moaned, pounding my bowels hard and fast.I clapped my hands together as such delight squealed from my lips.I gagged a little as he pushed it deep."I hate to break the news to you, Sally," I said to her, 'but you've been acting like one all night."But... but..."I told Joe I was going to get a shower and get ready.“I think a God trumps our guru.”Through the fabric of her panties I can see the shape of her bum and even her pussy, and I can't miss the dark wet glistening spot on the blue fabric which sho

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except you Pleas fuck me as hard as you can, I need it bad" Boy did he fuck her and she started cummingI drank them down, feasting on them.“Go on.” I said, sucking her ass off my fingers.She almost gagged a few times but pulled it out in time and managed to get it a bit deeper next time.For it is my attention to begin breeding her and her cousin 2382-B2 immediately upon completion of the ceremony.Looking around the chamber I was able to see it was a round room carved into the surrounding rock and not the natural cavern I'd been expecting.Half were completely bald; the other half had some hair but not much.I make a move to sit up, my body now sore and shriveled from the water, and grab for a towel but can't seem to reach it.Flicked my clit.It hadn’t been so much of a question as it had been an order.In prior years I was active as a county commissioner, President of the local rodeo association, member of the board of the Cattleman’s Bank, past President of the Cattleman’s Assoc