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You're fine as you are.From where she was sitting, she could see Maisy’s hand slowly move up her own leg towards the hem of her skirt.“Ok. Is it a coincidence that you ended up as my driver?”He heard Trish tell Karen that Susan had released her and thought he heard the same from Linda.She was so focused on the dogs that she wasn’t paying attention to her master anymore.His right hand followed a second later.He had moved his hands from legs to her tits and was pinching and pulling the nipples as the orgasm raced through her.“It’s this situation – it’s such a turn on, being watched by all these women.”He wore a ragged tunic and wielded two light daggers, using them to parry and block each thrust of his opponent’s spear with blinding speed.We went back into the locker room and began to get undressed.Pat stood 5’2” blue eyes, blonde, golden hair below her waist, her figure of 34, 21 and 33…to me was perfection!‘I am a fitness model and a writer’ she says."I di