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I guess to them, it didn't really matter who I dominated, as long as I was the Top.'I’m sorry for leaving without waking you, you looked so peaceful and I figured you needed your rest.This made me check my phone for a text from Diane about the garment bags….no message.“Drink a Gatorade,” she said, nodding to the fridge.I breathed in but didn't smell that herbal tang.Though, really, I didn't care why I could do it.“Let me know when you’re in your living room”That was a cool idea.The window edges were rusted, and white metal bars were barring the windows and the door.Keegan’s team was up 17-14 at halftime having just hit a thirty seven yard field goal as time expired.They charged up the road, flying towards crackling flames and Sven's shadowy form dancing in the street.At the hospital, their father in law and his brother joined them.It was amazing.For a moment she thought her mom would defend her and tell him not to touch her, but she just responded to his question as if

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