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“More, please, more!” I begged, my hands knotting together behind my back.Has something happened to your master or the clan?"Long red/brown hair, pale skin, cute freckles, and D-cup tits.Are you sure--”All but the matters of the ‘sex room’ and the hidden spaces."You couldn't protect her," CGB snapped, storming across the room.As she did, Jennifer lowered her womanhood down onto Belinda's face with the cum from James oozing out into Belinda's waiting mouth.Zora pushed Yelitza away and swayed up to the bars, dangerously close, sinking slowly to her knees before Pierre.We lay on the sun loungers (Ryan having put his boxers back on); Lizzy and I both bringing our knees up for a while then Ryan asked if either of us was hungry.“Anytime, but I’d rather have another drink.“Would you want that?“Sven did it!” I told her.One of Tony’s whores.I wasn’t thinking.But still a lot of people did it.Todd and I have always been close and can discuss just about anything with each o

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