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Brad clenched his teeth, as Cassie gasped and moaned, he knew if he didn't free himself soon, he'd spring a full boner.Ryan was facing both of us and I couldn’t help notice that Lizzy was perched on the front edge of her seat and her legs were spread wide.Wendy gasped, clapping hands over her mouth.In her mind, it would be of her gallantly charging into battle, shield brandished, flail whipping across the scene as it crashed into the metallic skull of a rogue Omnic.The tip of his thick finger toyed with her pink opening, teasing around the tight ring as Jennifer had earlier.I wrenched my mouth away, tasting him on my lips.“I will carve my name into your skull!” One voice sounded over the others, an echoing concurrence sounding from the rest.“He’s got some explaining to do.”In the bottom corner you can quite clearly make out a reflection, something I could very innocently have missed while taking the photo… In the vanity mirror you can see us, see you sat on my lap, both o