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She felt him shift, then felt leather around her neck.He circled the rim like a roulette ball ready to drop, then followed the slick material down.“Lisa, I called, can you hear me?“She’ll have some fun with you, but your cunt is mine,” he told Sansa.I was pissed with anger driven more by fear than an annoyance.The End of the Mind-Controlling Panties TalesLike her Goddess Bess, she was owned.Sometimes he lingers with one female, touching her breast or stroking a cheek.Lucy and Jasmine just looked at each other and laughed.No job, no hubby and one very humiliated teenager."“Oh, fuck.” I look at the clock.I smile... her head looks up at the board again, and I hear nothing but air exit her lungs."My report card is on the table, I need it signed before I go to school in the morning." he said in a quiet hush."Are you picturing her lips wrapped around your big, throbbing hard cock?“Mom still not home?” she asked as I poured a coffee for her.He knew how to touch a woman, and wi