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“You can’t wait your turn, can you Austin?”, she asks as she pulls up off Kane’s throbbing cock.My school life sucks huge.I left him disheveled and bloody, but perfectly intact.For only a brief second her skirt caught on to the fabric of my shoulder and lifted it up as she descended downward; the view was incredible for that second though as I was treated to a close up view of her pussy lips only barely covered by the thin white fabric.He wanted to force that sound out of her again.You have your notes.”Book Three: The Rogue's Passionate HaremI glanced at a clock.I kinda gulped as I swallowed my own saliva.They usually go all out with their decorating.“Ah!“Sven, my beloved, would you carry me.”Never before has she had something so big and tasty shoved into her.Sitting in his car out front of the club he gets giddy.Now kiss me and head off to bed.” I say.The man got up and slowly walked out of the cafeteria.Can’t talk right now!“Mrs. Davison, I’m going to give you