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I pressed them together, tried desperately to turn my head back.She was about the same height as me and had slightly bigger breasts than me. She was top to bottom beautiful.'One group of evil bastards, against a polar opposite group of evil bastards, with innocent people stuck in between. I swear, no place will ever come to peace as long as one person wants to be called a leader.Through the gap in the floor, I spotted the red sneakers that belonged to my little sister.“I still have to try.” Lucilla whispered.“Most definitely,” she says slamming that monster python back inside.“No stopping now whore.“Just talk to us.”Not with each other anyway, it would be too weird, kind of gross.I had so many questions and...She suddenly raised her legs and put her feet on the cushions each side of Jimmy.I licked my lips.She focuses on me and smiles, shutting her eyes again."If Melissa and these other girls are infected, they need to go to the hospital.We stayed like that for a good w