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Ada was still breathing hard as she felt his ejaculate pumping into her.A powerful, lovely, kind, understanding, wise black woman was not judging her for admitting that being raped by a black man (his big lips those long fingers that scratchy, woolly hair that HUGE THICK IT HURT ME HURT ME DEEP GET OFF ME YOU FUCKING HORRIBLE DIRTY NIG—)He was now making the bed shake.Phil expected Olivia to pause and give that dramatic silent treatment to him for a few seconds to fill the air, perhaps even leave immediately and completely emasculate him.She heard her son peeing, and imagining seeing his cock flowing like that, after just swallowing his cum from that great dick, she headed for her own bed.“ANYWAY, I continue, about a month later, Rach and I were at the coffee shop when the couple behind us starts arguing.“I’m going to stay out here for awhile."To be honest with you, I don't really know why, Lisa," John said, lying through his teeth.She jolted as if shocked then sat up, she spun

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