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I fed my cock to her and she lays there, her eyes rolling as she blindly sucked, “Just like your mother.”The head had become very shiny and slick as the skin was stretched tight by his erection.He knew the couple was more than ready.He seemed to look back at something and turned back to me. I took a chance on calling to it since despite not being Sheru it didn’t look like a stray.“Oooh, a dare!” Alyssa said excitedly.“Wait a second”, she said aloud, “Let me get closer,” she moved closer, bent over and stared at the sight before her.After he had recovered from the initial impact of seeing Amanda and Jansen naked in the men’s locker room, he couldn’t stop staring my wife’s body.Ooh, and in an hour, I'm going to have to pee in your mouth again.”“Does that feel nice?” Madison asked me, still maintaining her innocent tone.Her fingers curled in the only movement she had while being shackled on the bed as his sex toy.Beside I don't need a ring.“Can't you feel i

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